Interview about the book

Balboa-Press asked me for this interview about the book

You are Beautiful and A Journey to the Lands of Return

1.What inspired you to write this book?

In the very close connection to the Archangels and Ascended Masters, especially Kuthumi Lal Singh, who lets his light shine on my hidden potentials (sometimes not so hidden), I was able to discover, who I really am, my very essence.
I now want to share the joy and deep fulfillment, that I experience.

2.Summerize your book in one to three sentences as if you were speaking to someone unfamiliar with your book and its topic.

Not cheep the path of the protagonist has been, but now she stands abundantly gifted.

3.What is the overall theme of your book?

It‘s a true soul-infused love-story. The protagonists, the man and the woman unite and melt with each other in the realm of the SOUL. They became one, like one huge glorious sound.They trustfully surrender and open up to all that wants to be bestowed upon them.
Back home they start to create venues to also share with others, what is possible to create and experience from within by inviting SOUL in.

4. Where does this book take place?

In the multidimensionality of our beingness.

5. Who are the main characters and why are they important to the story?

The main characters are a woman and a man. They are important, because they love each other deeply. It does very good to watch a couple treating each other in very tender, loving ways, always with honor. It‘s a template of how humans can set free and empower each other to their highest potentials.

6. Why do you think that this book will appeal to readers?

It appeals to the reader, because it is written from the LOVE of the Master. It is written in a very smoothly flowing and authentic way. It‘s easy to read and takes the reader on a journey, where he or she almost doesn‘t realize, how far they went!
It appeals to the reader with its humor and also with beautiful discriptions of colours and sound-sinfonies, that arise in the story at special moments.
In this book, the real communication happens in the lovely energies that are woven in between and beyond the words, which can be felt and received by reading it openhearted and openminded. Then it will open up different layers to uplift you and to make this book a precious gem.

7. How is your book relevant to today‘s society?

On the planet it is obvious nowadays, that it‘s not going on anymore in the old usual ways with all the systems based on power. They crumble and don‘t provide anymore security and contentment. The tension is high and the call for freedom is loud to be heared.
The answer to the deepest longings of the human cannot be found outside. True freedom can only be found from within by realizing the very essence, the ‚I Am GOD also‘ and from there creating a life due to our true needs and wellbeing.
8. Is there any subject currently trending in the news relates to your book?
In the news one wouldn‘t find information about who we truely are, because they serve to strengthen the status quo, where people can be manipulated and controlled.
What is not to be seen with the eyes is, that in this era, more light than ever is bestowed upon the earth from the spiritual realms to help humans awaken and to expand their consciousness to their highest potentials, to their enlightenment. It is so good to experience oneself as complete with all ingrediences at hand from the inside out and be able to shine like a sun from within oneself.

9. What makes your book different from other books like it?

It differs, because of the very lively energies. It speaks of a freedom and experiences, that the authors themselves stand for and have realized.
It may seem new to the reader, what is being discribed at the different stations of the journey to the ‚Lands of Return‘, but he is not alone with this as too, for the authors, while writing, every vision and what was unfolding has been so fresh and new to experience and dive into.
Also it is done like an artwork artistically, where it is always given to the choice and openess of the recipient, how deeply he or she wants to be moved, mesmerized or touched.

10. What do you want the readers to take away from your writing?

That there is so much beauty, love and joy to life, when we open up our senses and awarenesses and trust our feelings and are dary enough to allow in what we consciously choose as the creator of our own life. It is asked of us a special amount of boldness to open up this way and to allow to be transformed. And the outcome is so rewarding!

11.How did you learn about the topic?

By own experience, following the call of the heart, trusting all that I am.