May 10, 2018: Workshop in the SALONofJOY

Dear Friends and Interested Ones!

I’m very happy to invite you to the next event
in the SALONofJOY in my Atelier ‘CoraCora’.

The event happens on the 10th of May 2018, Christi Himmelfahrt.

Beginning  4.00 pm, ending ca 9.00 pm

This time it’s going to be a workshop

The topic: ‘I ex-ist in the middle of a universe with infinite abundance’

It is not difficult to be ‘w h o l e’

With the help of creative elements we will playfully go on the track :

‘What is it that in the moment is most important for me
from my heart
to become reality in my life.’

To the procedure:

In the beginning we will have cake and coffee in the Garden, that by
the new privacy- installation towards the neighboring property
won back its beauty and now can unfold its SOUND..

Kuthumi will be present and he is looking forward to inspire us to open up our consciuosness and our creativity.

We learn to handle the energies and potentials, that are available to us
and apply them in our life.

In between the sections there will be time to move around in the
SPACE to delicate sounds and also not so tender music,
however it fits…

and also to integrate in silence, what shows up and is moving inside.

At the end a little buffet is inviting us for tasty sensual pleasure.

With joyful greetings and NAMASTÉ, Cora and Kuthumi

Energy-exchange: 35,00 €

Please register via phone (0049-6103-61779) or via e-mail (ed.ts1580035085nukar1580035085oc@of1580035085ni1580035085), so I can prepare everything well!