3. Event in the SALON of JOY

Dear Friends and interested People!

On Thursday, the 22.3.2018 the next event in the SALON of JOY will be celebrated. Here’s a little video, that I have created together with Kuthumi:

The SALON of JOY is a platform, on which I together with Kuthumi will offer different events, creating those with the participants…

This time again we’ll have something amazingly tasteful to eat and this time, when the weather is allowing for it, we will have the opportunity to sit together at the fireplace in the garden and share our wisdom and joy!

The topics arise from the participants and Kuthumi will be happy to answer your questions.

Please register via phone: 0049-6103-61779 or via e-mail: *protected email*
so I’m able to prepare everything well.


With joyful greetings, Namasté, Cora and Kuthumi