Little Sayings and Poems of Wisdom

Here You’ll find little inspirations, that I will post regularly, the latest first…


‘We are/ find our self in the Neutral ALL THAT IS, that is there for all those who find themselves’
                                                                                                      Kuthumi recently to me


When I recently hit the ‘Point ZERO’ inside, where there is NOTHING,
I heared myself answer – to my surprise: THAT is who I AM…’

The ability to think
is a gift from God to You,
what you are thinking
is a gift or a curse to You.

                                                                                                                    Kuthumi Lal Singh

Nothing can drain on You,
when your doubts are gone.

Kuthumi lal Singh

Eternal Beingness

Through Winterthunderstorms and stormy Summerweathers
You feel my Love
and are still –
The Sun is setting in the West
and rising in the East,
that are its natural ways.
With us, inside us though
She is shining eternally,
from Eternity to Eternity
and lets our Hearts and Eyes
overflow with beaming Splendour.

Kuthumi Lal Singh

Kosmos14‘You are free now,
everything is there for you,
even the stars are shining for You!’

Kuthumi Lal Singh

‘Oh, darling, don’t do action,
but rather feel the passion.’

Kuthumi Lal Singh

P1040468I Am a Holy Cow

On our journey in India we felt inspired by the calm  behavior of the cows there amidst the most  chaotic traffic:

I am a Cow,
I am God also,
I am safe,
I don’t give a shit.

Travel-Group in India

Stretch your wings widely and fly,
inside the strength,
outside the mirror…

Cora A. Schwindt

21 directions from Kuan Yin

1- respect yourself
2- don’t gossip about other people
3- ascent vertebra one after the other – not too hastily
4- compose yourself whenever something seems slopy to you
5- encounter yourself and your jolted soul with gentleness
6- take yourself seriously: 300 meter to the right and you just do it
7- when you feel jittery, relax deeper and let yourself expand
8- hold hand with your friends
9- when someone wants ti bite you, hold back and let him run into the void
10- warm up yourself with your close ones
11- don’t pay attention to the people, but to the inner connection to yourself
12- fly – and be aware of the sweetness of life
13- there is nothing to calculate, everything lies openly before you
14- feel yourself to be gladly seen
15- enjoy what you have and what is brought to you from outside
16- take distance to people you don’t like
17- surround and spoil yourself with beautiful fragrances
18- listen to the sound of nature, of silence, of all that is natural
19- (a smile of someone…) be self-assure and don’t scared stiff
20- believ in yourself and let your heart come forth
21- allow tenderness

Kuan Yin