Recently something very amazing happened: I always wished to see elves or other naturespirits. I would rather sense than seeing them. When not long ago I was looking in the internet, if I would find some elves-figurines, that I liked, I hit upon a page offering the most lovely pixis. In fact they occur in the new book, that I wrote with Kuthumi and so I ordered a few of them. Some of them playing out activities just like the ones mentioned in the one very story!
When I arranged them in my garden, there happened something, that I didn’t expected, but yet had hoped for. The atmosphere in my whole compound changed and felt immensly enriched. Beforehand I had invited the real pixi-spirits. Surely they live in another dimension, that is as real for them as our 3-D-world for us. Now these energies are dancing in my garden and one can feel the lighthearted joyfulness of these beings. Especially the little piano-player was very enchanted to get photographed…
When clicking on the pictures they enlarge and you can read the titles.
Playing the pianocarrying LOVEon the phoneon the phonecommunicating togetherwriting with the everlasting pencilreading togethercouple dancing togetherBalloon-Flight 'RETURN'Frog- Prince