Live yourself – breath your magnificence

The name for this website is ‘’. ‘’ comes from the experience to create from my I -AM -ness.

In that moment there comes the response, the echo from my SELF, from my essence through my self-acceptance, always feeling like a big embrace, a big YES to myself.
This very experience is what I want to share with others, people who are interested in experiencing their essence, embodying their SOUL, their divine here on earth.
This time is so special in the history of mankind as so many are awakening, allowing this to become their reality, to finally live the fulfillment of their deepest desires.

The Christ-seed, planted 2000 years ago, may now blossom. The returning of the Christ is indeed the acceptance, that, yes, I AM GOD also, a creator and no longer victim of circumstances, imprints from the past or of what is common, of mass -consciousness.
When we allow and open up to our SOUL, there happens the miracle of NEW becoming, the LOVE within ourselves. No longer are we dependent on acceptance from others or on getting energies from outside.
This path to get there is simple, yet it affords a lot of courage and passion to break free from patterns and to accept and take seriously ones Inner Voice.
But what a tremendous joy and relief it is. The deep meaning of becoming one with Love and Soul is immeasurable.

We are supported by the Ascended Masters, the arch-angels and the ‘New Energy’*

When You are feeling a resonance, an echo within Your heart with this, then You are welcomed to learn more about Your Self and about the wonderful connection to Your own SOUL, always accessible to those who desire and choose.

*The term ‘New Energy’ stands for a new way to create, no longer in duality, in the pro and con, but free, without judgment, expanding and allowing what one has created within their inner intention. No more is there the fighting, the struggle, but the receiving of abundance of everything, one chooses consciously from the depth of ones heart, according to ones own self-esteem.