Second Event in the SALON of JOY

I’m very happy to be able to announce the second event in the ‘SALON of Joy’ in my AtelierHouse ‘CoraCore’

The ‘Salon of JOY’ is a platform, where I together with Kuthumi Lal Singh will offer Events, that we will create also with you
and the participants.

The evening will happen on the 22nd of the 2nd month,
February 2018, beginning at 7pm.

At the beginning we will enjoy something niceto eat to indulge in our senses as Kuthumi loves to cook and to bake…

After a few words of introduction from me, Kuthumi will caome in and will inspire us with his wisdom, love and humor.

It will be possible for the participanrts to ask him questions.

Here the link to a small video, that I together with Kuthumi have created for this event to find on YouTube:

Please register via Phone (0049-6103-61779) oder per e-mail (ed.ts1580035105nukar1580035105oc@of1580035105ni1580035105) , so I will be able to prepare everything nicely.

Energyexchange: 28,00 €