Mutual Consent Agreement

Privat sessions, channelings as well as workshops and group -events are no substitute of consulting a doctor, nonmedical practioner or psychotherapist, prescriped medicins or other current treatments, They solely serve Your personal progress and expansion of Your Consciousness . It is incumbent to You to take full responsibility for Yourself and for what You will do with the received enegies and inspirations. It is desirable, that the conveyed imessages bring about the greatest, most beautiful results and effects beneficial changes in creating a conscious, self -determined life.
With Your booking and participation of an event You agree to release me of any liability -claim.

Disclaimer to offers and events

The worshops, privat sessions/ group -eventsare not suitable for heavy mental disorders.
All, that decide to take part, take a step towards self -responsibility and confirm with their application, that they don’t suffer heavy psychic traumatas, extreme mental disorders or take strong medicins.
When booked those persons will be expelled without right of refunding of the costs.
I don’ garantee a success resulting the coachings, workshops or group -events. I offer the safe space and the possibility for best success.

Payment valid for all offers on this website:

With Your application You are oblidged to pay the the amount of cost via prepayment or paypal*.
Your application is reliable, the reservation becomes real only after I have received Your payment.

You have the right by law to revocate Your booking in the time of 14 days, this is only refering up to the time of 2 weeks before the event You have booked.

Then it is as follows:

– cancelling until 2 weeks before the date: 25% storno
– cancelling up from 2 weeks before the date: 50% storno
– cancelling the participation 48 hours before the beginning of the session or workshop the full purchase is to pay, only not, when there is another person taking the place by the participant or from the waitinglist.
When the event cannot take place from my side, the full charge will be reposed to You or there will be given by me a substitute- date for the event.

* paypal is a secure service for payments, that functions like a banc -payment and where there is a safety -device for both the merchant and the vendor. The amount is passed on my credit at once and doesn’t have to go the path over to the banc for a few days. It’s safe and uncomplicated.