I spent two days at Cora’s House which had a more recovering effect then I had ever experienced before. Cora is a very inspiring presence and welcomed me with open arms and full of love into her house. After only two days I felt relaxed and full of energy as if I had spent two weeks there. It was wonderful and very special. The atmosphere was so calm, relaxing and welcoming. I was able to look at my own emotions and thoughts in a safe and inspiring environment together with Cora and felt so much more deep inside of my true being.

Cora, thank you so much for everything. Giorgia/ Amsterdam

Cora always gives back to me my inner calm in times of turmoil and stress, when it is so easy to loose oneself. Without me having to explain a lot, she recognizes all that is essential and helps to focus and to be strong, not out of fear, but out of love of self and towards others.
Charlotte, Netherlands

The magnificent Cora Experience: When meeting Cora I was struck by her passionate Joy of life and her vibrant energy. She creates a delightful easy going sphere and embraces people lovingly into her space. The channelling example with Kuthumi was profound and touching. The mix of CK is a powerful one I would like to recommend all who want to mirror their essential choices.

Martin Oehlmann, Portugal

Without question, Cora lives and inspires Magnificence, Creativity, Expression, Love of Self, and Clarity.  She is an artist not only of beautiful art but of life itself.  She is a clear channel, and she compassionately and lovingly connects with others from her heart and is excellent at bringing clarity to people, both in relationship with themselves and with others.

In my perception of life in the New Energy, we can move beyond being teachers or even facilitators to becoming those who inspire others to step into their consciousness of becoming an integrated Divine Human.  Cora lives and inspires this!

Patti Severance, Boca Taton, Florida

Dear Cora, the way we met and came closer to know each other during a travel in Egypt with the Crimson Circle, was indeed very special -you know.
There was always such an acceptance and carefully we chose the clarity of words we shared. So I was allowed to watch Your trust growing from Your hearts longing to channel Kuthumi.!
And I have to say, when You did it for me, that was really grandiouse, simply wonderful and sooo touching!
That was not You, but it was indeed HIM speaking through you to me, so flowing, full of love and clear (I could choose between English or German language) – sometimes surprising in what was said and very creative. I would have never thought of that one solution and afterwards felt so free and at the same time amased and smiling in admiration…then the integration began within me.

Big Thanks to Kuthumi and to You, dear Cora, go on doing that! It is simply beautiful and such an enriching task for you.

With love, Hanna Meyer from Wolfsburg