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‘ti amo’ – ‘Ich liebe Dich’ – ‘I love You’ –

Kuthumi: It is with great pleasure, that we create this website ‘ti-amo.dance’ and to offer to you with it various programs.

Great things can now find a form here, everything is in motion and unfolds.

There are many expressions for the energies of SOUL, of wisdom.
We speak with you on soul- level. You are dearly welcomed here.

Many enncounters have been agreed and when they really do take place, they are full of splendor and glory.

Cora: Around 11 years ago Kuthumi came into my life and when he  told me back then: ‘You will never be the same again’ – I answered : ‘It doesn’t matter, I’ve already lost everything anyway…’

For about 8 years we have been creating together with our energies, that are so compatible

Many paintings, mosaics in the house and garden, as well as astonishing creations in larger dimensions have emerged and are unfolding in the wonderful dance.

This is the same with this website ‘ti-amo.dance’

Our latest creation is the serie ‘Bildbesprechungen & MEHR’, where paintings are presented and the energies and wisdom being woven within them, being transmitted.

Further we will offer monthly meetings over ZOOM, where like-minded people can meet for exchange in a safe and dramafree ROOM.

Privat sessions, where you can speak with Kuthumi or KUAN YIN- as you choose, can be booked.
Books, that I have written with Kuthumi and one with Kuan Yin can be purchased (click the button ‘Books’),
as well there is a special blog for inspiration with poetry, writings, dance and sound about to be created.

The second event to ‘Bildbesprechungen & MEHR’- over ZOOM will take place on Wednesday, the 5th of May 2021. Here’s the link::





Meine Kunstwerke

I also love to express myself artistically. My art and information about exhibitions, see www.corakunst.de.