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I am happy to invite You into my new area of professional activity, which is indeed the passion of my life, that for so long I have been preparing for.

Under the button ‘Books’ You’ll find informations about the books, that I have been together with Kuthumi Lal Singh written and of those, that will be published in the furture.

In the Blog You can read my ‘Stories of Transformation’, ‘Little Quotes and Poems of Wisdom’ and view artworks, that came out and will come in coherence with the writing.

The offers include channelings with Kuthumi Lal Singh, coaching, working with groups and ‘partying’.
Always my work is inspired from the now -moment, from creativity and the consciousness of the ‘New Energy’.  That allows us a completely new access to create our lifes in the freedom with consciuos choice, how love it.

Upcoming Events


Cora the artist
I also love to express myself artistically. My art and information about exhibitions, see www.corakunst.de.