Offerings and Channelings

Privat Session with Kuthumi, 120.-€/ 60 min

Privat Session/ Coaching with Cora, 120.-€/ 60 min

Groups 45.-€ for one evening, 8-10 pm, every second Friday of the month with Kuthumi, QA and concluding contemplation

Workshops on weekends, irregular dates
experience yourself with all your senses, creative self- expression for everyone and lots of fun!

Dreamwaker Death,
Accompanying a dying person and after death guiding them to the ‘Bridge of Flowers’, to their original Angel family, their true SOULs home.

When You need support when accompanying a loved one or a dear friend on his/ her path, I am available to be in service. Please read more here: Spiritual End-of-Life and Beyond Care.

The following refers to privat sessions, workshops and group-events:

For a Privat Session please write an e-mail to Cora Schwindt, and she will, as soon as the money is transferred to her bank account, contact you and give you several dates to choose for you.

It is possible to have a session via Skype, telephone or at the house of Cora. The recording will be sent to You after the session.