Spiritual End-of-Life Care

For people, who accept to be accompanied to not get stuck in the Near Earth Realms.

Dying means transfomation

Death is the beginning of a new journey in the non – physical realms, where we live on without the body. It’s not a religious thing. The spirituell guide during the process of dying doesn’t belong to a specific believe and he guides in service. It doesn’t matter, if You’re a Christian, a Buddhist, Jew or Moslem or even, when there is no picture of a life after death, the guide is a pole of stillness.

It’s like a travel-companion, that guides a tourist through a foreign country. The tourist decides, what, when and how he or she wants to explore this new territory, country. The travel-companion knows it, he guides and accompanies.

In a most beautiful seminar in www.crimsoncircle.com ‘Dreamwalker Death’ I had the priviledge to learn to guide SOULS after death to the ‘Bridge of Flowers’, the realm of their original Angelic family, HOME.

You may arrange a personal counceling with me without obligation to learn more about this.