My second book ‘Felisha Ӂ FRIDOR’ is out!



The  new second edition of the book is now on the market and available.Therein a few corrections in the German punctuation, in the English language-expressions and the original colored textpassages! The content remained untouched…!!!

In this book I describe, what happened, when I accompanied my Golden Retriever bitch Felisha on her last weeks, how she passed to the other side to come back to me four weeks later as a West-Highland- Terrier male dog.

It’s a story about LOVE, heart opening and encouraging to trust oneself, ones own feelings, one’s own voice. Is it not possible for us to experience so much more at the same time as we live our everyday lifes on other levels that go beyond 3D…?

The book will soon be available international f.e. on,

Also in about 2 weeks as E-Book

You can purchase the book in Germany best on Books on Demand: Felisha und FRIDOR

The English version of ‘You are Beautiful and A Journey to the Lands of Return’

imageimage-2I just cancelled the contract with Balboa-Press as this company is not working in good ways. In about one month, when the cancelling process is through, I will publish the English version with another honest publisher. So please do not order any further books. Thank you!

Long awaited my first book, that I wrote together with Kuthumi Lal Singh is now available as physical book as well as e-book

Here’s the Press-Release, that Balboa-Press filed to newspapers, radio stations, magazines and television stations worldwide:

Essence of one’s true self explored in new, multidimensional love story

Author Cora A. Schwindt announces release of her debut novel, ‘You are Beautiful and A Journey to the Lands of Return’ DREIEICH, Germany — “You are Beautiful and A Journey to the Lands of Return” is author Cora A. Schwindt’s debut novel. A love story, the book explores a man and woman in love, surrendering to one another and uniting as one in the realm of the soul, taking place in what Schwindt describes as “the multidimensionality of our beingness.“ The answer to the deepest longings of the human cannot be found outside. True freedom can only be found from within by realizing the very essence,” explains Schwindt. The narrative follows the two lovers who come to recognize and embrace the divinity that makes up their true nature. Ultimately, Schwindt hopes the novel will remind readers of the beauty and joy to be found in life, and allow themselves to be transformed.

An excerpt from “You are Beautiful and A Journey to the Lands of Return”: Then four sublime beings moved towards them, two of them male, two female, their appearance was wonderfully beautiful. Two of them were carrying something before them on their hands.They positioned themselves in a circle around the man and the woman. Their eyes flashed with delight. They whispered something to each other, then turned to both of them, that were quite curious by now, what will happen next. We are bringing along something for you!‘ On a pillow, that seemed to be woven with silk, there was sitting a golden chased cascet. Please, you may open it now.‘


About the German edition of ‘You are Beautiful and A Journey to the Lands of Return

Here it is, our first book with the title ‘You are Beautiful and a Journey to the Lands of Return’.

The German edition is on the market as well as the English one and can be purchased as Softcover-Book and also as e-book.

Below the cover, front- and back of the German one.

The endorsement is written by Birgit Junker:

„In this book, the real communication happens in the lovely energies that are woven in between and beyond the words, which can be felt and received by reading it openhearted and openminded. Then it will open up different layers to uplift you and to make this book a precious gem.“

When clicking on it, it opens in large…!

94 pages, 6.7×8.6 in

You can get it over the bookselling-trade or directly from, Thalia or Bü oder auch direkt über Amazon erwerben:
ISDN: 9783842347533

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