About the German edition of ‘You are Beautiful and A Journey to the Lands of Return

Here it is, our first book with the title ‘You are Beautiful and a Journey to the Lands of Return’.

The German edition is on the market as well as the English one and can be purchased as Softcover-Book and also as e-book.

Below the cover, front- and back of the German one.

The endorsement is written by Birgit Junker:

„In this book, the real communication happens in the lovely energies that are woven in between and beyond the words, which can be felt and received by reading it openhearted and openminded. Then it will open up different layers to uplift you and to make this book a precious gem.“

When clicking on it, it opens in large…!

94 pages, 6.7×8.6 in

You can get it over the bookselling-trade or directly from Amazon.de, Thalia or Bücher.de oder auch direkt über Amazon erwerben:
ISDN: 9783842347533

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