Dinner with the Artist

‘Dinner with the Artist’

from time to time on Fridays from 7.00-10.00 pm

Introduction -price: 48,00 €

On this evening we will enjoy a wonderful dinner, that I will create together with the inspiration of Kuthumi.
Yes, non the less it will not be a Gala- Dinner like in a 5 – Star – Hotel, but one with a Gala-ctic wide range of tastenuances, that indeed awakens all the senses to life.
After that Kuthumi will come in through me channeling him and share his presence and wisdom.
The remaining time will follow the energies of the group and what is asked the most. It maybe a Q&A -session, dancing, toning or also the possibility for each one to express themselves from very deep within, from who you really are in the very safe space, we have created in the group.
As a whole, the real meaning of this evening is, to open up your senses, to experience your soul and allow her to come in deeper with all her riches of sensory feelings.
This may have very transformational consequences…

Please do Your booking in time as there are only seats for 8 participants