Channel-evenings in the SALON of JOY

We are offering channel-evenings on a regular basis once a month for small groups, where we share our wisdom and Kuthumi speaks and answers questions relating to Realisation.

Future dates are posted here.

It’s happening in the ‘SALON of JOY’ , that was founded in January 2018.
It’s a place for Creativity, celebrating LIFE,
OurSelves and ALL, that we are and can become
in the Consciousness of our Existenz.

Time: 7 pm- ca 9 pm, energy-exchange: 28.-€

Adress: AtelierHouse in 63303 Dreieich, Rudolf-Binding-Weg 17

When interested please write to:

BOOK-LAUNCH-PARTY on the 22nd of July 2018

On Sunday, 22nd of July 2018, we will celebrate



from 2pm-6pm

Coffee and some sweets will be offered as always.
Energyexchange – donation

Please register via e-mail:


♥♪♫Invitation to the Celebration of LOVE♥♪♫

Kuthumi and I will throw a Party on Saturday, 25th of November
and wanted to invite you to participate in this Event.

The ‘KUAN YIN-Painting’, that I created this summer
in a period of 10 weeks, has been the catalyst for this event.
I will show the Original the very first time.
Though it is the experiences, that I made during painting and in this time,
that went far beyond anything I could have ever expected,
that I want to share with you.

And more creations, that will be completed by then,
truely offer further reason to celebrate!

There will be a delicious, several menue, very ‘sensual’ dinner
from the finest,
sexy music for dancing in a beautiful ambience;
whatever we want to create together, choose to experience and to receive…

Amongst our guests will be also Kuan Yin, Adamus Saint Germain
and many more friends from the Spiritual Realms,
they are looking forward to speak and celebrate with us.

LIVING as a Master in Freedom and LOVE

Starting at 3.15 pm, ending at about 10.45 pm
(we don’t want to get too fixed about the ending)

Kuthumi and Cora

The energy-exchange to participate in this event is 74.-€

By payment of the amount to the banc-account listed below until
1st of November, your seat is saved.
(seats are limited to 10, so when interested, submit as soon as possible)

reason for payment: ‘Fest der Liebe, Nov. 17’

Cora Angelika Schwindt, Volksbank Dreieich,
IBAN: DE 82 5059 2200 0006 5899 79

There is a MERCURE-Hotel very close by (10 min walk), that has good prices,
please call me for further information: 06103-61779

Kuthumi Lal Singh in Grünwald/ Munich

Filmed at the event ‘One Day with Adamus’ in Grünwald/ Munich at the 5th of June. Adamus brought with him also some of his Angelic friends. Here you can see Kuthumi Lal Singh, channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe from the Crimson Circle, come in. Very clearly to recognize by his unique funny, elegantly grooving ways…ENJOY!

…and here Kuthumi once more: ‘I am Walking, I Am Talking, I Am the Master’…ENJOY!