Stories of Transformation

  • The Mineral-Cocon 2. April 2017

    Once, some years ago, I had, together with another Lady, a Privat Channeling-Session, that was planned to be happening in my hotelroom.

    I cleared up everything and put together: the pralinées, that I wanted to induldge in with Kuthumi, also some minerals and a small booklet with my new realizings. I moved the armchairs around the little table and burned a francincense incense.

    At the time arranged, Marisa, who is a channeler of Kuthumi, the other Lady and for sure – Kuthumi came in.

    He answered a few of our questions, until I showed him the one of my minerals, sharing with him, that this was the mineral, that I always used, when I wanted to connect with him.

    Kuthumi took it in his hand and moved over it tenderly, caressed it, went around its oval form and said, it was like me, soft and evenly and at the same time solid and strong.
    Surely he held it about five minutes in his hands, before handing it back to me again.
    Yes, he also said, that this stone was the very one, that I had put in the Cristal-Libraries in the times of Lemuria, it was my mineral.

    Now Kuthumi had won it back for me and made it become alive!

    Oh, yes, I loved it so much and always, when choosing to connect with the Spiritual Realms, with Kuthumi, with my soul, I would hold it or put it on my diaphragm or my belly.

    It was the most important object, that I owned.

    One day, I ‘dreamed’, ‘saw’ with my inner eye, that this stone had almost completely dissolved, but for a small rest, perhaps one eights was left.

    Now it happened:

    I was registered for a four-weeks-online-course with Kuthumi and I found myself completely excitedly about it. ‘What would happen to me during this course?’
    I had heard the call to participate clearly from within.

    I put the alarm-clock for early in the morning, two hours before the first session was supposed to start, in order to prepare myself and everything and to be able to be in time at 9 am for the start.

    ‘Ah, should I take my Kuthumi-minerals right now down or better later?’ I asked myself. ‘Ah, I better take them right now!’ And with that I put them in the pocket of my jacket.

    Down in the kitchen I saw some dirt being clued to the floor – and bend down to remove it.
    In this moment the beautiful mineral fell out of my pocket and on the stonefloor – and broke.
    ‘Oh, no!’ I screamed out… how could that happen?

    Kuthumi had told me after all, it  would not brake, it would have another energy to it than the Fairy-Bergcristal, that had broken, after I had painted it.

    Yes, back then, with the bergcristal, the energies, that were held and captured inside for tenthousends of of years, were set free. And each piece now was able to become something brandnew, in the New Energy, so Kuthumi had told me.

    Hm, and now?
    Did this setting- free apply with my Kuthumi-mineral as well?

    I put the two pieces in a seashell and suppressed my consternation.
    Thus I have done until now.

    Sometimes I would console myself in remembering my vision, where it had almost disolved.
    Perhaps by now its essence had been transferred to me and me – myself had become the one, that was capable to connect with Kuthumi, the Spiritual Realms and with my soul without a transmitter, facilitator – offering myself – receiving…

    One time I got a sneak peek: the two parts of my mineral were looking like a broke-open cocon…

    Have I become a butterfly, transformed from a being inside a protective shell
    into a butterfly, that could spread its wings and fly?

    And here’s Kuthumi:

    ‘Very good, yes, so it is, what do you think at all?
    I don’t need to ask you, if you love me, I feel it.
    Water is wet, the air is dry
    and you are not left
    in the cocon of your self-limitations,
    which is literally an humiliation
    towards yourself.

    You know, you are free now,
    the old gone,
    now you are n e w.

    No need to regret anything,
    you have already arrived t h e r e ,
    at the place of your wildest dreams,
    where all the trees grow into the Heaven of LOVE. (German song from the 60th)

    Come, let us fly, nothing may aggrieve you anymore,
    that was so and doesn’t count anymore.

    Come, take my hand, I hold you and yours in mine
    and so it shall be and – so it is!

    End of the story.’
    The broke-open Cocon-Mineral

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  • The Tattoo 22. June 2016

    One night a voice woke me up telling me in a very friendly manner:
    ‘You will be greeted on the other side the same way like many before you…’

    ‘On the other side? – beyond…?’ I felt a bit puzzled: ‘ ‘Was I supposed to die?’

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  • The Beggars 20. June 2016

    It happened on my journey in India in October/ November 2015.

    I had booked a few days more after our goup tour. Our group leader asked me, if I would like to join her to visit two fameous cities south of Jaipur. Oh, yes, that I would appreciate to do! She is also very connected to Kuthumi and thus I would be among my own kind in a foreign surrounding.

    Sameer, our touristguide took us with his car and so we drove from Jaipur to Ajmer and Pushkar through a beautiful plane landscape of Rajasthan.

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