My second book ‘Felisha Ӂ FRIDOR’ is out!



The  new second edition of the book is now on the market and available.Therein a few corrections in the German punctuation, in the English language-expressions and the original colored textpassages! The content remained untouched…!!!

In this book I describe, what happened, when I accompanied my Golden Retriever bitch Felisha on her last weeks, how she passed to the other side to come back to me four weeks later as a West-Highland- Terrier male dog.

It’s a story about LOVE, heart opening and encouraging to trust oneself, ones own feelings, one’s own voice. Is it not possible for us to experience so much more at the same time as we live our everyday lifes on other levels that go beyond 3D…?

The book will soon be available international f.e. on,

Also in about 2 weeks as E-Book

You can purchase the book in Germany best on Books on Demand: Felisha und FRIDOR