The first book, that Cora together with Kuthumi Lal Singh has created is titled: ‘You are beutiful and A Journey to the Land of Return’. In English language it is momentarily not available.
The combination Cora – Kuthumi loves to express artistically, thus also in this book.
In three different forms, in the abstract part, in the drawings and in the narrative part the same massage has been pictured (described).
After many selfdoubts and anxieties the protagonist leaves all complaining (lamenting), self-sabotaging behind and opens up to the beauty and grandure of her own being(ness), her soul.
Accompanied by her beautiful lover, that equally serves as a mirror for her soul, she receives her enlightenment. The experience of melting with ones own soul, the divine inside and the love and magic, that goes with it, can be felt in this book.

Kuthumi invites us to open all our senses and feelings as he takes us on a journey to the ‘Lands of Return‘.

To become consciously aware of ones soul is in reach nowadays. So many systems crumble, fall apart. The resources for substitutes to feel secure and content are exhausted. In this current area something happens, that has never happened before in the history of creation: many humans awaken and become conscious of their essence, the ‘I Am that I Am’ and realize their enlightenment.
The heavens and all the realms beyond the veil celebrate with us, also Gaia, Mother Earth.